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Title:  Night
Pairing: Babe/? (revealed near the end)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: I'm going to say slight dub-con just in case it is, because I'm not sure.
Disclaimer: No disrespect intended, this is purely about the characters from the series.
Summary: Babe gets a visitor in the dark.

He feels bad leaving the other guys and going to bed, he really does, but Babe just can’t keep his eyes open any longer. With the second patrol cancelled, he has no need to be awake and he doesn’t really want to stick around to see Cobb getting more drunk and moody. He retires to the room he’s sharing with Ramirez, Jackson and Webster, undressing to his undershirt, socks and skivvies just because he can.

The mattress is thin and worn, but it’s such an improvement on the foxholes he’s spent the last month in that he doesn’t care. Lying on his back under the blanket, he considers the situation for a moment. It’s been nearly a week since he last got off and it’s getting to the point where catching a glimpse of Luz’s pin-up playing cards is enough to leave him hard.

It wasn’t so bad in Bastogne, where most of their time was spent sitting in foxholes and waiting. It’d mainly been hands, though he’s heard rumours that Luz and Sergeant Lipton had gone all the way, but they’re probably just rumours. For the most part, he’d found himself with Doc, who seemed to dish out hand-jobs as regularly as he gave out morphine and chocolate.

The first time had been the night Julian had been killed. He’d told Spina how he’d tried to get to him but they just couldn’t. Doc had found them and made him eat some chocolate, but when his calming words had proved ineffective, he’d slipped a hand under the blanket. It hadn’t taken long, after which Babe had found he couldn’t fight the urge to sleep.

The next time had been a couple of nights later, when he was back in the foxhole he shared with Bill. Bill had been talking about Marlene again and they’d ended up against each other, rutting frantically until they’d both stiffened and climaxed within seconds of each other.

Third time was Doc again. He’d patched up the cut he’d left on Babe’s hand, then made an apology with his hand as Babe struggled to keep his eyes focussed on the line. He’d returned the favour a few days later.

By the time he notices, Babe is touching himself through his underwear. He’s about to commit to the idea fully when the door creaks open and closes again. He freezes and listens as he hears a jacket being unfastened. It’s probably Ramirez, he assumes from the direction the sound is coming from. The jacket falls to the floor and footsteps approach him, before a hand lifts up the edge of his blanket.

“What the-“ he begins, then a hand covers his mouth and strong legs straddle his hips. Then the hand is gone and he hears a whispered shh in his ear just before teeth catch the lobe and tug gently. He’s about to protest when slightly chapped lips cover his own, their roughness in complete contrast with the soft but needy kiss.

Babe feels his body starting to respond and he doesn’t fight it – it’s been too long and he’s willing to take whatever’s on offer. He reaches up to pull the body closer, feeling a shirt between his hands which he makes quick work of, throwing it off into the darkness somewhere.

Hands explore his body as he does the same to whoever this is, the guy whose erection is currently pressing insistently against his own. He rolls his hips up experimentally and is rewarded with a soft sound in his ear as the man’s hips roll back against him. It’s at this point he concludes that it probably isn’t Ramirez after all, as anyone who’d been in the forest with them could attest to just how loud Ramirez could be.

The weight on his hips shifts slightly as the angle changes and he hears the sound of a fly being undone. He bites his lip to keep quiet when fingers brush against him as they move to lower his waistband. He helps the man above him out of his undershirt and takes note of just how skinny he is – the weight had been a bit of a clue but the size narrows it down considerably. As far as he can tell, this is either Skinny, Liebgott, Popeye, Perconte or at a push, Doc – everyone else is too big or too heavy to be this guy. When he’s pulled into another kiss, he buries a hand in the guy’s hair and rules out Popeye. He sits up slightly as his own undershirt is removed, then lies back down.

Teeth nip lightly down his neck before disappearing, the weight shifts again and is gone, but he knows the man is still there. The next thing he feels is a wet heat around his cock.

“Jesus!” he hisses out as the mouth wastes no time, sliding up and down, tongue flicking up over the head each time. Babe’s hands cling to the bed sheets and his hips lift slightly, but are held down on one side by a firm hand. He feels the vibration of a moan, then the mouth is gone, replaced moments later by a slight pressure.

“Fuck!” he groans as the man slides down onto him, the tightness almost too much. His head swims as he tries to comprehend what’s going on and who this could be, but the thoughts are forced out of his mind as the mystery man moves to lean on his arms and starts to ride him. He reaches out and takes the man’s hips in his hands, helping to pull him down and thrusting up into him. Both of them are trying to be quiet but it isn’t really working as they moan and whimper with every thrust. He can hear the guy jerking himself off and takes over, moving in time with their hips.

Babe can feel the heat building up quickly and knows he’s close, so he speeds up the movement of his hand. Just as he’s about to go over the edge, he accidently grips a bit too firmly and the man almost screams as he comes, tensing up around Babe. Babe’s hips snap up and he groans, holding the man down onto him until the feeling subsides.

The man collapses forwards, gasping for breath as he lies chest-to-chest with Babe. He laughs and Babe suddenly knows exactly who this is.

“Spina?” he asks, almost in disbelief. Spina had always looked so big and cuddly, if a little on the shorter side. All those layers had been disguising the fact he was probably more skinny than the guy who held the nickname.

The laugh comes again and Spina sits up to face him, their eyes now accustomed to the dark enough to make out each other’s silhouettes. “Guilty,” he answers with a smile that can’t be seen.

Babe regards the sticky mess across his stomach and Spina’s, and between Spina’s legs. For a moment he frowns, but soon laughs and this sets Spina off again. He wipes himself down with a corner of the blanket and pulls up his skivvies, then hands Spina the nearest of the two undershirts to clean himself up with.

“So, uh...” Spina begins as he fastens his trousers back up.

Babe pulls him down for kiss, then Spina rests his head on Babe’s shoulder. They stay like this for a good ten minutes before Babe nudges him. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t really wanna get court-martialed for this.”

Spina makes a noise of disgruntlement, but presses a final kiss to Babe’s lips and stands. They don’t say anything as Spina leaves, but the smirk they share at breakfast the next morning suggests there are many more nights like that one yet to come.

Date: 2011-04-03 04:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] profcricket.livejournal.com
Hi, sweetie!

I read earlier, but didn't comment when I did; I'm sorry that I didn't. I like the pairing; mainly I lurked just because I was scared of the dub-con (thank you for warning for it! That's probably why folks aren't saying much - you did the right thing by warning, but may have scared people away; it's a double-edged sword).

Like I said, dub-con scares me, but this is actually kind of a sweet fic. (I love Babe's last line - I laughed out loud, which is pretty rare for me.) I like the pairing, too - you write a very hot sex scene! I've never seen the semi-anonymous sex done before - that an interesting innovation. I can see why you want to keep the pairing secret... maybe, to keep up the suspense, you could do a follow-up called something like "Secret Lover" (OK, that's a bit romance-novely) that lacks the dub-con aspect but keeps the surprise going; you might even start a fad.



Date: 2011-08-10 04:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] doompie.livejournal.com
This was lovely, I loved how as it was happening Babe was trying to figure out who it was!

Really well written!!!



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