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Title: An Experiment
Rating: NC-17
Words: 554
Fandom: Gary: Tank Commander
Pairing: Jacko/Adam
Warning: Watersports. Yes, that kind.
Summary: They take it in turns to do each other a favour. Tonight, it’s Adam’s turn.
Notes: Just a short piece to try out this kink.

A blush spreads from Jacko’s cheeks right to the tips of his ears. He’s lying in the bath at Adam’s house, his uniform trousers open and his cock flush against his stomach.

Adam straddles his thighs, a pained look on his face. “I think that last glass of water wis a mistake...”

Jacko laughs, Adam groans and squirms. With a glare, he rolls the head of Jacko’s cock between his thumb and forefinger, earning him a barely-restrained moan. “If you’re gonnae laugh, I’m no’ gonnae dae this.”

“Awright, I’m sorry, it wisnae funny,” Jacko says in an attempt to placate the man above him, linking their fingers. “I won’t laugh any more, I promise.”

Adam pretends he’s still annoyed, but the smile playing on Jacko’s lips is infectious and he can’t help grinning back. He shifts forwards until he’s across Jacko’s thighs and leans forward, using his arms to brace himself against the edge of the bath. “Feels weird bein’ in the bath wae clothes on!” he blurts out, nerves getting to him somewhat. After all, it’s not every day you’re straddling your Lance-Corporal-slash-lover in your mum’s bath, trying to steady your nerves in order to-

“Any time this week’d be good, pal,” he hears Jacko say, and looks down to meet his eyes.

He takes a deep breath, then another, then begins to exhale shakily. He has to look away as he starts to piss, shuddering with relief as the wet heat spreads across the crotch of his trousers. As he finishes, he feels a strong grip on his thighs urging him to move, which he does. He’s already half-hard as he brushes carefully against Jacko’s cock.

They both moan softly and Adam lets go of the bath with one hand to lift Jacko’s head and kiss him forcefully, rolling his hips again.

“More,” Jacko manages through gritted teeth, pulling Adam harder against him. Adam inhales sharply at the friction but picks up the pace, grinding down and forwards.

Jacko is already close, struggling to keep a steady rhythm going as the wetness rubs against him.

“Go on,” Adam whispers in his ears, and that’s all it takes – Jacko’s hips lift despite the weight across them and he groans loudly as he comes across his stomach.

Adam slows to a stop, knowing Jacko will be sensitive. He undoes the button and zip of his trousers and takes a firm grip of his cock, making short, rapid strokes until his orgasm takes him slightly by surprise and he jerks forwards, moaning Jacko’s real name in his ear.

They stay like this, panting and trying to get their breath back until they end up giggling and Adam sits up to survey the damage. The semen on Jacko’s cheek could be from either of them but he wipes it off with his thumb anyway, despite the mess they’re both in. Then he gets to his feet and helps Jacko up, before turning the shower on and stepping under it.

“C’mere, you.” He pulls Jacko towards him and kisses him as the water trickles down his back.

Jacko is grinning broadly when he pulls back. “Thank you,” he whispers, allowing himself a moment to be a bit soppy as he rubs noses with Adam before they kiss again. “So, next time – what can I dae for you?”
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